How do I feel being single, what are the causes and effects of late marriage?

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I am at that stage of life where a person is going through a period in which he worries about his study, his family, his future, friends, relatives, etc. In this period a person needs a partner who will support him, who will love him, the one who will give him peace….

One who does not know how to follow, should not expect others to follow him.

A horse that ever served humanity and always remained unique in its character and services

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Everyone is aware of horse importance, the horse played an important role in history.

From a merchant to a king, from a warrior to a queen, a horse served everyone.

Although today’s, horse is not as important in our life as it was in the past but yet it performs less but some special or unique services in this modern world.

Once a person said on social media that a horse was expensive in the past and an only a limited number of people can afford it, with the passage of time motor vehicles broadly changed the travel experience of…

Listen to the story of an ordinary Kashmiri, who lives in Pakistani Administered Kashmir

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As an ordinary Kashmiri, I will write about the incidents of my life related to Kashmir. Opinions, facts, and thoughts in this story are personal, maybe not all of you agree with it.

The Era of Dictator Musharraf

When I was a child, my father often tells me that when I will get older, I will become a Mujahid. At that time, I was very young. One day, a caravan of some Mujahideen passed near our house. My father was taking me to a Relative’s house nearby and I was terrified because of Mujahideen, I was crying and I didn’t want to go out.


Feelings matter when you cook

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Many people cook food and they love to do this job; they cook hygienic food in a proper manner and according to a properly given recipe, but the main thing is when you truly love to cook; you do not depend only on recipes rather you make your own recipes in your mind; by imagining the taste of different food items🥘 with a combination of spices…

You know when to increase the heat🔥 and when…

Constant motion means constantly changing circumstances that affect our life emotions

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From birth to death; a person experiences different moments of struggles, happiness, worries, etc. In short, life is never the same; it gives you different experiences throughout.

When you are on a journey; in which you travel a lot, you travel through cities to villages, from deserts to mountains and each experience has a different effect on you.

Cities can make you busy, stressed and take you away from nature while some places show you the wonders of nature. Sometimes your paths make you struggle more and more and sometimes you easily pass. …

When someone humiliates you and you respect his self-esteem

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What happens, when someone humiliates you, and yet you do not make him realize you can also humiliate him, but you respect his self-esteem while he does not…

When you have a sea of words but you do not show even a drop of it. When someone shows your bad image to others, shows how poor you are, but you do not show your strength, your wellness just because you know you are more than him and you do not want him to feel bad or feel shamed in front of others but he tries to show your poorness to others which is in fact not real.

You know all about him, his poorness his weakness, his image but you still stay silent and the other person believes…

Americans vs Asians point of view, Belt and Road Initiative

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China is competing with America in many ways, now there is no more confusion to accept this because everyone is observing Chinese progress towards becoming a superpower. China you know is an economically strong country and China is trying to further strengthen its economy that is why China is expanding its trade with the world.

America does not like it very much because America wants to remain alone as a superpower.

Asian’s Point of View

You have heard about the (BRI) Belt and Road Initiative of China, many countries are part of this project, you can see the details of this initiative on the…

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Prayer is the Hope

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Feelings are words

Jawad Masood

I write through my mind and heart with the help of fingers. You can follow my publication “Islam and Muslim Ummah”

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